perez hilton1According to reports, a Toronto Police Service spokesperson stated that Black Eyed Pea Molina turned himself in a few hours after Perez Hilton reported being attacked Monday afternoon outside of the popular Toronto celebrity hangout, the Cobra nightclub.

The spokesmen did not state that the victim was Perez Hilton as victim’s names are not allowed to be released to the public, but the vocal celebrity blogger has made it clear that he was the one who was assaulted claiming that he was hit repeatedly two to three times in the head.

Molina will be due back to the court system on August 5th at Toronto’s Old City Hall to receive sentencing for the assault charge which of course will be dealt out according to the Canadian Criminal Code.

Under Canada’s law statues Molina could face up to five years in prison if prosecutors decide to really slam the book at him by charging him with an ‘indictable offense’ or up to 18 months in jail if they decide to charge him with the lesser offense of a ‘summary offense.’

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas was also present for the altercation alongside Molina and is shown in video footage that has been aired on but denied hitting Hilton claiming he was standing by a tree.

Will.I.Am declined to comment on Hilton’s claims that he was hit by Molina which is not shown on the video, but shouting between Hilton and Will and Molina is clearly visible and audible.

Interscope Records, the recording label of the Black Eyed Peas declined to comment on the incident after inquires from MTV news.


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