paris hilton and doug reinhardtWell, the day that everyone was waiting for has finally come as Paris Hilton has finally broken up with the latest of her constant stream of boyfriends who she claims are all her soul mates and future husbands.

According to reports from the gossip queens of Hollywood and her official representatives, Paris has split from her relationship with Doug Reinhardt although to everyone’s surprise it managed to last for six months.

According to Paris’s friends, Doug Reinhardt who is known from the MTV series The Hills, Doug was more concerned with the celebrity status and high profile status that Paris enjoys over her actual companionship.

Most of her friends and family reportedly thought that he was kind of a jerk, but even as a jerk he is still behaving much like a love lust puppy as he showed up at her house and plead for her to come back for him until she called the police to get him to go away.

The end came after a massive fight while out on the town together, but reps from Paris and Doug claim that the split was friendly and that the two remain friends who simply want some privacy to deal with the anguish of the breakup.

Luckily, Paris knows just what to do as she was seen in LA treating herself out to a girl’s night out at the clubs working through her pain as she worked through the LA night scene.

The good news for those who love the drama of a love lust Paris is that she seems to recoup quickly and one can only guess how long it will be before the next ‘husband’ and ‘soul mate’ steps into the spotlight with her.


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