Ozzy OsbourneRock and Roll legend Ozzy Osbourne has filed a lawsuit against his former band mate Tony Iommi. Osbourne has claimed that the former Black Sabbath guitarist Iommi has violated copyright in taking over the band’s name and has cost him an undisclosed amount in merchandise sales and royalties.

Osbourne implored the guitarist to “do the right thing”. He expressed regret at having had to file a lawsuit, but insisted that it was necessary to make sure that the band’s name and logos were not taken over by one member.

Osbourne, who currently resides in California, filed the suit in a New York federal court, disputing Iommi’s claim to the exclusive rights to the band’s trademark. According to Osbourne’s representatives, Iommi does not own the sole rights to the band’s trademark and the false claim has led to a significant loss of royalties to Osbourne.

The lawsuit seeks to compensate Osbourne for lost profits and to establish him as half-owner of the Black Sabbath trademark. Iommi’s lawyers and representatives were not available for comment.

The band, noted for its apocalyptic attitude and hits such as “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” has sold upwards of 100 million albums around the world and is Rock and Roll hall-of-famer.

For most fans of heavy metal music, the name of the band is synonymous with its leading man and co-founder, Ozzy. But Iommi, one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time and a legend in his own right, points out that he has been the only unchanged member of the band throughout its history spanning four decades.

Osbourne explained that his stand was that all four members of the band should share the trademark equally and expressed the hope that his lawsuit would pave the way for such an arrangement.


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