lindsay lohanNever far from a transatlantic tabloid newspaper headline Lindsay Lohan has managed to shock her fans and tabloid editors once again. The young actress decided to post a topless shot of herself on the massively popular “Twitter” social networking site.

Apparently she decided to upload the image simply because she was “bored”. It seems that the shot is not actually a new one and was in fact taken several months ago while the star was waiting for her cue while making an advertisement.

Just why she decided to upload the partially topless photo is unclear. One suggestion is that it may be aimed at moving the tabloids attention from the theft of a large amount of jewellery she was wearing in London and the subsequent interest it in from the British capital’s police.

In the shot Li-Lo can clearly be seen wearing an extremely long, Lady Godiva style blonde wig, which is just about manages to cover her up. She can be seen looking into a mirror and taking the shot herself on her camera.

She may also be trying to steer the papers away from her off-yet-again romance with Samantha Ronson a well-known DJ.

Whatever the reason is certainly sparked interest on the Twitter site and apparently, according to reports, has already been viewed by nearly 1 million people across the globe so it’s certainly will not harm her never-ending high publicity value.


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