Latest British invasion pop star is about to hit the shores of the US, although she may come as something as a surprise to American audiences as she is mostly famous for her complete lack of good looks, style or youth.

susan boyle

The Britain’s Got Talent superstar Susan Boyle has apparently been asked by the producers of America’s Got Talent to kick off the show when it makes its US debut next week.

Judge in both the British and American shows, Piers Morgan said it would be fascinating to see Susan appear on the American version and presumably shock US audiences with her stunning voice that seems totally misplaced in the body of Miss Boyle.

Although unknown two months ago she has already taken the UK by storm and has made friends in high places such as Demi Moore and no lesser TV superstar than Oprah Winfrey who invited her to appear on her show a couple of weeks ago.

There is a fly in the ointment, in that her continued ill health may stand in the way of a transatlantic trip for the Scottish singing sensation. Already equipped with a suitable pop star shortened name ‘SuBo’ as she is known to her fans is also hard at work preparing a Christmas CD.

Her backers, including Simon Cowell, believe it will be a certain UK Christmas number one. Of course they are hoping that a stunning appearance on America’s Got Talent will also rocket the recording to the number one position on the US Christmas charts.


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